NotzingChanging the reality around us is the only way to improve each individual and the self realization. That is the purpose life and the challenge to achieve, the only manner to become a change agent, driving people by his holy will.

It is something that has always had in mind the producer from Spain, sound spaces and abstract textures looking for instill feelings to the listeners, altering their perception.

Dario Garcia, born in Madrid in 1993 and experimenting with sound since childhood, established his beginging as producer in 2012, when he joins to a squad of the spanish freetekno movement.

Gradually he was implied in the clutches of environmental and experimental musical production that arose numerous projects which would serve him as a basis for learning the techniques that today applies on its main active project, allowing him to experiment with a whole amalgam sound synthesis to put between a rock and a hard place the alone individual with his own mind, a mind always dark and always sick.

Pure techno reflecting the baser instincts of human beings, camouflaged with the classic elegance of the genre and his characteristic esoteric and artistic mark.

All his compositions are sound rituals seeking the neurological change, timely or permanent transformation of the listener’s gray matter. His project Notzing is a conceptual work art, always with a deep background, paying attention to every detail.

His first EP release as Notzing was in 2015 under Taro Records label, but he published another projects works before under Italian label Secret Keywords based in Berlin and some tracks in 12″ under Obs.Cur label and Kunda Records.

In 2017, he created Knotzept Records as a label where publish all his experimental and avant-gardist works. His vision about the label is a comparision with the finest art gallerys. A free space where expose the most modern and cutting-edge electronic textures and sounds.