Dario García Díaz-Miguel

The whole: knotzept: institution has been created as well as designed by Dario García Díaz-Miguel. While he has not any formation on fine arts or digital design, he has explored and experimented with several ways of plastic art expressions due to the creativity and passion for the art in general.

Inspired by suprematism, minimalist and material paintings, has made several design works for the :knotzept: institution itself as well as other labels like Koryu Budo or Edit Select Records.

His most ambitious plastic project is the cover for the Notzing’s second LP released on Koryu Budo Records «Ingeniera Onírica» (2021). This work has been made with the collaboration of his wife Rosa María Masiá and has been made in a more traditional way without any use of digital technology. The original paintings are available and hangs out of the walls of their home.